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Welcome to an innovative, practical approach in hospitality pest control services. Victory Pest Solutions takes immense pride in our pest management program. We proudly serve many of the New Jersey and New York areas best-known restaurants, hotels, banquet halls, and country clubs. Within the Tri-State area, our quick response times, licensed and unformed professional technicians, quality assurance logbooks, and a proactive approach are just a few of the things that have made Victory Pest Solutions the hospitality industry leader in pest control.

Running a successful business within the hospitality industry is competitive and stressful. Your number one priority is to provide you, customers, a safe environment. If there is one thing that can close your business down or ruin your reputation is stressful pest infestation.

Your “A” rating is a symbol of clean and healthy business and the “Gold Star” of excellence for food and beverage establishments. At Victory Pest Solutions, we echo your desire for excellence, and your grade is your badge of honor. Our highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians will work directly with you to establish a proactive program by closing holes, foaming drains, and communicating well with your staff. If you’ve ever thought that all pest control companies are the same, think again and contact us today and discover what separates Victory Pest Solutions from the rest!

Did you know that Victory Pest Solutions offers full in-depth inspection services in New York City? As part of our services to our clients, we check all aspects of your facility before your official D.O.H. inspection. Worried about how you’ll do for the real survey? Schedule an appointment with one of our inspectors so you’ll indeed be ready.

When your reputation is on the line, we help you protect it!


Commercial bed bug prevention services: Victory now offers in-services with our Entomologist for hospitality establishments to discuss in person; identification, prevention, the biology & life cycle, and proactive measures to safeguard your business against bed bugs. 

Complimentary drain cleaning and proactive fly protection: Victory Pest Solutions goes right to the source when it comes to fly control in commercial kitchens with a drain-cleaning program. Drains are foamed and cleaned at your establishment with a “live enzyme” that eats filth in harborage areas where flies and their larvae reproduce. This program, in conjunction with ongoing sanitation, keeps flies from becoming a problem.

Termite management plan: Termites are a costly annoyance for hospitality property managers. They should be addressed as soon as they are discovered to prevent further damage. Termites can potentially create a significant structural issue to your facility if they are allowed to continue their infestation over a while.

Rodent management solutions: Rodents carry various diseases, which are extremely dangerous in a hospitality environment. The team at Victory Pest Solutions makes sure to prevent rodents from entering into your facility and reduce the likelihood of rodent exposure to your guests.

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