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Healthcare Pest Control and Prevention

Pest Control Service for Healthcare Facilities & Hospitals

As somebody who services the healthcare industry, you and your staff understand the word emergency. An emergency is an urgent situation that needs an immediate response to bring a situation under control and prevent future problems.

At Victory Pest Solutions, we’re also trained in dealing with emergencies. Our sense of urgency and rapid response to pest problems has given us an excellent reputation in healthcare centers across New York and New Jersey.

Our Commitment to Medical Facilities

Our team of professionals understands the essential nature of providing healthcare facilities with the best pest control possible, not only for your employees and patients but also for protecting your business’s reputation. We understand that sanitation is crucial within the healthcare industry and that pest control is the last thing you need to worry about when taking care of patients.

Our staff is expertly trained in understanding the sensitivity of providing pest control services to healthcare centers throughout the Tri-State area. Furthermore, we know the importance of your Press Ganey score and your relationship with the Ombudsman. We recognize your commitment to caring because we care too.

We will find solutions to pest problems with minimal chemical usage and an abundance of respect, dignity, and patience for those in your care while working in such a unique environment.

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Providing high-quality Healthcare pest prevention services for Hospitals, Medical Offices, Nursing Homes, and Assisted Living Facilities.

Rodent Control and Management

Parasites within rodents can become very dangerous inside a healthcare building due to the numerous diseases they might carry. With over twenty years of experience preventing rodents from entering your facilities, our team is dedicated to helping your patients stay safe.

Rodents are the most common form of pest. They cause damage to property, food sources and can carry diseases that humans may contract when near them. Rodents are usually found in areas where food is abundant, and there is a lack of predators.

Bed Bug Detection and Elimination

Bed bugs present healthcare facilities with a huge challenge. Difficult to locate and eliminate, when working directly with the team at Victory Pest Solutions, we will develop a plan to guide you through every step to help you remove and prevent bed bug infestation.

We are happy to provide you with contacts and references from healthcare facilities in your area. The first step with declaring VICTORY on pests is to review our comprehensive healthcare pest control plan.

Bed bugs are a type of parasitic insect that feeds on blood. They are usually found in sheets, mattresses, or furniture where they have been allowed to breed. Bed bug detection is the process of identifying an infestation.

To Get in Touch, Contact Victory Pest Solutions

Pest control services for healthcare facilities can be a challenge. Many people and companies deal with the problem by using insecticides and pesticides, which are not only harmful to humans but can also cause a great deal of damage to the environment.

Pesticides can also be a health risk for workers and patients, which is why pest control services must be correctly handled when using them. For any of the following benefits in your healthcare facility, give Victory Pest Solutions a call today.

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