Does Victory Pest Solutions Accept Credit Cards?

Yes, we accept credit cards as payment. Please call 1-855-299-PEST to pay via credit card.

What kind of pest control solutions does Victory offer for my business?

Victory offers custom-tailored programs designed around the structure itself, identifying trouble spots, and making the client aware of adjustments needed to improve their pest problems. Maybe adjustments can ever be performed by Victory technicians closing holes, replacing door sweeps, foaming drains, and
much more.

How will Victory Pest Solutions protect the privacy of my business?

Victory technicians drive vehicles that don’t show pictures of bugs or rodents and all team members wear apparel that says just “Victory” with no mention of pest control. Victory technicians blend in just like maintenance workers using tool bags to conceal their materials and keeping clients unaware of their presence while working discreetly onsite.

Does Victory Pest Solutions provide organic treatments for pests?

There are many products that technicians can use, a large portion of them are organic and green. If this is the preference of the client, Victory can accommodate that request.

Do you offer Saturday appointments?

Victory phone lines are answered by humans 24 hours a day, furthermore, service is available on Saturdays & Sundays for urgent service requests.

What kind of credentials do the technicians and the company have?

Victory performs pest management services in New York and New Jersey with licenses and insurance coverage for both states. Victory technicians receive training throughout the year to ensure for maintenance of these licenses.

What are Victory Pest Solutions operating hours?

Victory Pest Solutions, LLC operates 24 hours a day.

How can I get my invoices emailed?

In an effort to reduce our environmental impact, Victory now officers paperless billing and an online payment portal for our clients.