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    Complimentary Drain Cleaning for Proactive Fly Protection


    Victory Pest Solutions goes right to the source for fly control in commercial kitchens with a robust drain-cleaning program. We are the premier provider of guaranteed fly control in some of New York’s and New Jersey’s best-known restaurants, catering halls, hospitals, healthcare centers. Drains will be foamed and cleaned in the kitchens with a “live enzyme” that literally eats filth in harborage areas where flies and their larvae reproduce.



    In conjunction with ongoing enhanced sanitation, this program can keep annoying flies from becoming a real problem in your kitchen. Foam lasts for as long as 40 minutes, as it dissipates its cleaning your pipes and eliminating organic material that is the root cause of flies. This outstanding service will be expertly performed once per month or as needed. To learn more, contact Victory Pest Solutions today!

    Victory Pest Solutions Bio-Blast

    Victory is professional and doesn’t give up until all bed bugs are eliminated. I am very happy with this service – I definitely recommend this pest professional.

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