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    Serving Commerical Pest Control Services to New York & New Jersey


    More than ever before, companies are going to great lengths to strengthen their brand in a competitive marketplace. Your image says a lot about your company and about who you are as an organization. While you’ve made every effort to present consumers with your unique and superior quality, don’t fall short with a second rate commercial pest control program behind the scenes. That’s where you’ll find Victory Pest Solutions, working behind the scenes to maintain your company’s reputation and appearance.

    We will listen to your needs and match them with a custom-tailored program of enhanced maintenance concepts, and inspection reports that detail proactive measures that could prevent pest entry and infestations. We also offer free in-services for your staff to open a discussion with everyone about proper food handling, storage, and disposal; and how they impact pest control and prevention.

    Because we understand how and where pests flourish, we can prevent infestations through regular inspections, good housekeeping suggestions, and enhanced communication with our clients. We consider what we do to be far more than just commercial pest control; we are consultants to the well being of your business.

    • Each commercial pest control client has its own logbook with all aspects of our services documented from every visit. Our service tickets include our time in and time out, a list of materials used with their EPA numbers & active ingredients, and the location and method of the applications. There are also MSDS sheets in the book for your records. There is also a section for clients to request specific services and then see that a technician handled that specific inquiry.
    • All of our technicians are in uniforms and work onsite discreetly. We understand the need to be stealth and get in/get out quietly. You’ll never see us walk through your business with “spray cans” exposed. All of our equipment is concealed.
    • All of our technicians have their own applicators licenses and have received thorough training.
    • Rapid response to emergencies is our standard procedure. Call today and you’ll see a tech today. Our policy is “if it’s an emergency to you, it’s an emergency to us” and we’ll be there ASAP.
    • Our call center is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can always reach a human in the event of an emergency… Never a voicemail.
    • Maps with equipment placement can be designed for clients to ensure that no equipment is ever overlooked during our inspections.
    • Visits from an Entomologist and laboratory analysis of pests are available at the request of our clients.
    • Late night, weekend, and early morning services are available.
    • There are always two technicians dedicated to your business. They will both know what we need to do. Your progress with us is a team effort.
    • Our invoices are easy to read and can be itemized for multiple locations. You can even access your account online with your own access code.

    Phone call came minutes after my internet inquiry…resolution the next morning! Len is helpful, personable, and knowledgeable. Nice to know someone who can help you get your life back on track-pest free! I will gladly recommend this service to anyone who has pest control needs.

    We’re working behind the scenes with some of today’s best known brands.

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