How to Stop Fruit Flies from Invading your Restaurant

Drosophila, or as many know them as Fruit Flies, can cause many restaurants in the New York, New Jersey Tri-State area; fruit flies are a significant problem. To the misconception of many owners, fruit flies are not correlated to the hygiene of your restaurant.

Scientific research determined that fruit flies breed extremely fast in challenging to reach areas of your kitchen, even without any warning. There are many articles online that will direct you with a step-by-step approach to battle fruit flies effectively. This article will provide you with the best solution to eliminate fruit flies’ infestation and keep your restaurant clean.

As a restaurant owner operating in New York City, you’re fully aware of how important your “A” sanitary inspection grade is to represent cleanliness and excellence within the food and beverage industry. Trust us, and we understand the importance your grade looks to your consumers and how it can affect the overall profitability of your restaurant. The skilled technicians at Victory Pest Solutions are well-trained in stopping and preventing annoying fruit flies from entering your establishment.

Did you know; Victory Pest Solutions now offer complete in-depth inspection services in New York City? We check all aspects of your business before your official D.O.H. inspection.

Numerous “stop-gap” tips all over the Internet can guide you in the right direction when trying to solve your restaurants’ fruit fly issues. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Regularly taking out the trash
  • Make sure all drains are sanitized
  • Removal of excess food that is no longer fresh
  • Clean all food or drink spills

Take it from the professionals; the most effective method to eliminate Fruit Flies from your restaurant is to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians. While on-site at your restaurant, they will begin a proactive program to immediately close all holes and foam all drain where the fruit flies prefer to breed – in most cases, the kitchen.

Armed at their disposal is a product we like to call “Victory Bio-Blast,” This material is specifically designed to stop fruit flies. Gone are the days of needing old-school flypaper, flay bait cups, and fly deterrents. In reality, those are just “reactions” to a fruit fly infestation, not an optimal solution. When applied correctly, Victory Bio-Blast goes directly to breeding the fruit flies by breaking down organic materials. To learn more, schedule a free consultation with Victory Pest Solutions today!

Victory bio blast